The Rubidex™ System

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Eliminating technology mismatches in a simplified paradigm.

Frictionless Data Access

By using a unified encrypted file structure, the RUBIDEX™ system allows an organization to collect unlimited amounts of data with peace of mind the data is secure.

More data means more analytics; deeper insights, more accurate operational forecasting. RUBIDEX™ runs BI analytics set by the users as the data is called; eliminating the need for third party applications.

Since the data resides in an encrypted data-lake any department can call upon data for their specific use; whether it is accounting, production, operations or maintenance.

1. Enterprise Data

Fragmented unprotected data is collected from user nodes, legacy datasets, and unmatched partner systems.

2. Unified File Structure

RUBIDEX™ creates unified encrypted blocks of data for each record received. Each block is joined to a searchable and indexed block-set.

3. Matched Block Sets

These encrypted block-sets are then replicated and distributed to each assigned node on the network.

How it works

In current data usage configurations data is passed from employee or user computers (nodes) to servers which house databases. This data is always at risk when at rest or in motion. Databases can become very ‘heavy’ and can require tremendous computing power to encrypt, transmit, or manipulate large volumes of data.

The RUBIDEX™ system decentralizes your data. Each record resides in its own protected block. Every node has a copy of every protected block. Your data is never in an unprotected state. If a node is damaged or stolen the system self heals. Your business software functions just as it does today; only now your data is protected.

Our System

RUBIDEX™ is a cutting-edge patent pending data security software development platform. RUBIDEX™ is revolutionizing the way data is encrypted, stored, accessed and protected.

By eliminating the use of a database, we can decentralize and distribute data; leaving data encrypted at all times.

RUBIDEX™ employs a Patented process allowing for decentralized data storage, access and protection. RUBIDEX™; the functionality of a database combined with the protections of an encrypted blockchain.