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IoT Blockchain Solutions

RUBIDEX™ IoT blockchain solutions provides real time encryption and decryption allowing data to be collected at the edge and transmitted directly to the cloud for processing and analytics in a multi-point to multi-point architecture. Bring your IoT and OT data into your IT data platforms.
RUBIDEX IoT solutions capture industrial and commercial data, encrypt the data and distribute the data in a distributed blockchain format. These solutions can work alongside or replace industrial SCADA command and control hardware bypassing the use of traditional databases, allowing for secure ML/AI and predictive data analytics both locally and in the Cloud.

Telemetry solutions can be custom designed to be used in challenging telecom environments, drones, satellites and radio telematics. RUBIDEX™ SCADA appliances and controllers embed the encrypted Rubidex database replacement functionality delivering systemwide protection of industrial grids building HVAC systems and other command and control environments.

The solution allows for system protection and enhanced protection while not requiring complete replacement of existing SCADA hardware. Traditional SCADA protocols such as ModBus, BACNet and others supported over wired and wireless networks.

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RUBIDEX™ Secure Infrastructure Platforms

Compatibility Matrix

IOT Devices (1)

SCADA Device (2)

SCADA Edge (3)

SCADA Cloud (4)

Custom Industrial Sensing Hardware Development
256bit Encryption on Device
256bit Encrypted Communications
Cellular, LPWAN, Satellite, Drone Communications
AI/Machine Learning Data Analytics
Locally Distributed Database Architecture
Cloud Geo-Distributed Database Architecture

The RUBIDEX™ IoT platform operates on a multi layer architecture:
Device Layer, Control Layer and Presentation Layer

➔ Device Layer

Many SCADA deployments in use today deploy no encryption within the communication protocols and use only operator based password controls to set parameters and read data registers. Analog voltage & current based inputs such as 4-20 mA and 0-5V DC cannot be digitally encrypted but all other types of data communicating on a bus using communications protocols can.

The attack vector for these analog devices rely on physical access as these layers are analog in nature, thus not vulnerable to remote attack. It is also not cost effective in most cases to replace analog sensing devices to address vulnerabilities at this level thus RUBIDEX™ solutions begin with focusing on the digital communication layer between device and controllers.

In order to secure the sensing and control device layer, RUBIDEX™ has created new low level firmware drivers for many SCADA devices that provide data encryption on communications buses using common protocols such as ModBus, BACNet, PROFINET and others. Encrypting data in the sensing/collection process combined with on-site block-chain based identity attestation guarantees that data cannot be modified or altered while in transit from sensor transducers to con- trollers and connected gateways.

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➔ Control Layer

SCADA controllers collect and transmit information on their analog and digital ports, along with communications buses. These controllers use preprogrammed internal logic to control external devices based input data. These controllers are typically expensive, are difficult to pro- gram, and require significant training to set up and operate, so much so, that many industrial companies rely on third party vendors for setup and monitoring. Controller logic programming as well as and viewing current activity is commonly implemented on PC computer platforms installed locally and/or via dial in or continuous network/Internet connectivity.

The local computing platforms notoriously add significant vulnerability due to their use of common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. As many IT professionals concur, continuous security upgrades and software patches are necessary to reduce unauthorized access; in industrial control applications it is common to find legacy systems that have never been upgraded since they were installed.

In addition to unpatched computing platforms attached to industrial control systems, data collected, transmitted and stored within these networks and SCADA controllers is rarely encrypted. Inter-de- vice control commands, databases and data queries with other controllers are therefore critical attack vectors. Similarly, device identity also represents a potential attack vector as attestation would to prevent a foreign device added to the network from accessing the network. Device identity attestation is poorly implemented in most industrial control implementations.

To resolve critical attack vectors in industrial network control systems, RUBIDEX™ has developed new SCADA controllers that implement 256bit encryption and block- chain based identity consensus. Whether running on air-gapped internal networks or connected to the Internet, these de- vices act together to provide a consensus network ensuring that at all times, all devices and data packet transiting the network remain encrypted at all times and can be identity attested. RUBIDEX™ encrypts all data packets, both command/ control and sensing data registers using 256 bit encryption. Any local storage remains in an encrypted form and utilizes block- chain based data structures to validate authenticity.

➔ Presentation Layer

Automated data collection, command and control are primary functions of a SCADA installation. Many of these processes are also complemented by PC computer screens for operator viewing and controls. At best, most of these systems in use today are protected by basic user passwords that are rarely changed, and are often communicated to others operating these systems within the plant. These PC’s add significant vulnerability as they typically run common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and in many cases are not regularly security patched. Additionally, data stored within databases on these PC’s is rarely encrypted and can be accessed with anyone that has a valid username and password to log in.

RUBIDEX™ has developed new presentation processes that implements block-chain based consensus and full 256 bit encryption techniques that ensure that all stored data remains in its fully encrypted form at all times. Data decryption and visualization occurs only in computer memory thus never at risk from unauthorized view or modification whether in motion nor at rest.